July 24, 2011

Watch Out! Here Comes Daddy!

One day a woman went to the doctors. She told her doctor that her and her husband wasn't having a good relationship in bed. So the doctor gave her some viagra pills. The doctor said to give two pills to her husband when they wanted to have sex. And told her to come back the next day.

So the next day she came back saying "Wow, that was great. What if i gave him 5 pills?"

The doctor replied, "Well I wouldn't do it but I guess you can but be sure you come back the next day."

So she gave him 5 pills. She came back the next day with crouches saying, "Damn! That was the best sex I ever had. What if I gave him the hole bottle?"

The doctor said, "I highly not recommend that but, you can give it a try but be back tomorrow!"

So the next day a little boy came in. He asked, "Are you the lady that told my mom to give daddy those pills?"

She replied, "Yes."

The little boy went on her counter and slapped her across the face saying, "You bitch!!! Because of you my mom is dead, my sister is pregant. My ass hurts, and my daddy is going around the house saying, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" 


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