July 3, 2011

Short Funny Stories

1. Farmer ordered a Milking Machine. Tried it on his penis & had a wonderful orgasm, but could not remove it. So he read the manual & faints. It said," AUTO RELEASE AFTER 2 GALLONS"

2. A SAD STORY : A little boy was so jealous of his new born brother that he put poison on the nipple of his mom while she was asleep. Now comes the sad part - the next day their driver died.

3. A recent survey asked 100 Sexually active men what they most enjoyed about a blow job. 99.9% said'" The 10 minutes silence."

4. What is a kiss ? Kiss is an inquiry in the first floor, about vacancy in the Ground Floor.

5. A Sardar gives 36 roses to his girlfriend, who thrilled,undresses, lies down, spreads her legs & says:"This is for the roses" Sardar:"Why, Can't you find a vase?"

6. Why do women love gold more than man? Because Gold has 24 Carrots while man has only one Carrot.

7. Prostitute to man: "Hi, man, want to have sex? Man to prostitute "Ok. Only if you do it like my wife does." Prostitute:"I can do it in any way. So how does she do it? Man:"She does it for free."

8. A 20 year old boy gets married to a 65 year old lady. The next day after marriage, the boy dies. Reason: He drank expired milk.

9. Today, in style are small cars, small watches, short skirts, and small mobile phones. There will come a time, when the SMALL PENIS will be in style, and then YOU will be the man!!!!!!

10. What is the thing that goes in dry & comes out wet. More you put it in, the stronger it gets. Men and women enjoy it in bed.....Tea Bag.

14. What's common to a Man on Tight rope at 500 mtr height & man getting a blow job from a 85 year old lady? Poor fellas - both must not look down!!!!!!

15. Sexual Thoughts for Today : its not the length, its not the size,its how many times you can make it rise!its not how well it fits but how often you can make it spit!!!!


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