July 27, 2011

Pinoy Love Notes

You're like my kulangot...because You're hard to get.

You're like my kuto...I can't get you outta my head.

You're like my pustiso...I can't smile without you.

You're like a suppository...you bring out what's bad in me.

You're like a yosi vendor...you give me HOPE and MORE.

You're like ovalteens...I just can't get enough.

You're like my bra...salo salo mo ang dibdib ko.

You're like my shoes...You're always there, wherever I go.

When I am with you, I feel like matatae...because you make me kilig to the bones.

You're like constipation...you take my breath away.

You're like my sweat...you relieve me when I'm hot.

You're like extelcom...you never stop caring about me
(must be a P.I. thing).

You're like SM...because you've got it all (must be a P.I. thing).

Hindi ka pa ba napapagod? Kasi kanina ka pa tumatakbo sa isipan ko.

Nawawala ang puso ko,. Paki check mo nga kung nasa pocket mo!

You're like a balikbayan box...because I get excited when you arrive.

I'll see you in court...dahil ninakaw mo ang aking puso.

You're like a jingle joke...you bring the corny out of me.


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