July 23, 2011

English to Japanese Translations

Most of these Japanese words are adopted by Filipino language.

I'm warning you - makikitamo

Where are we going? - San-batayo?

Stewardees - Oto-san

Is this your car? - Otomoto?

This is my car - Otokoto

Sugar daddy/mommy - Otooto

Is this your property? - Arimoto?

Yes, this is my property - Arikoto

Is this yours? - Sayobato or sayoto?

Is this mine? - Sakinbatu

This is mine - Sakinitu

Can I have it? - Akinato?

You can have it - Sayonato

Can we have it? - Saminato?

You can have it - Sanyonato (plural)

You haven't washed your face - Mimutamatamo

You're so thin! - Kitanabutomo

We saw each other - Kitakami

We had reunion - Kitakitakami

Have a drink before you go - Tomakamuna

That was my assumption - Inakarako

Let's go! - Bachinatayo!

We will boycott the election - Dikamiboboto

Underarm odor - Kirikiripawa

Are you oppressed? - Minamatakaba?

I give up - Sukonako

Ouch! - Araiku!

What life is this - Hainaku

I'm going to leave you - Sawanakosayo

Just take it! - Sayonarang!

Skeleton - purobuto

You look like your mom - kamukamumamamu

You look like your dad - kamukamupapamu

Ugly - kamukamu or kamukanya

Pretty or handsome - kamukaku

Full of monkey - kamukanyo

Are you nervous? - kakabakabakaba?

Are you a loyal customer? - sukikaba?

Later - sakana

I surrender - sukunako

Just surrender - sukukanakasi

Remember? - naaararamo?

I remember - naaararako

Go and work! - ararona!

Can you see? - kitamoba?

I told you - nakitamo?

Let's go to your place - sanyotayo


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