July 1, 2011

Blonde Patient

The blonde patient sees her doctor because she really wants to loose weight. He prescribes a special low-fat/low-carb diet which she follows exactly.

After three weeks she comes back to a check-up all happy because she already lost 15 pounds. However it seems that she developed an insaturable hunger for sex with her husband.

"That's a quite normal reaction." explains the doctor and tells her not to worry.

Another three weeks later she returns for yet another control visit and is devistated.

"What's wrong?" the medic asks her, as she sits crying in front of him.

"Oh, Doc! I feel so bad. You know with all that insaturable sex and me being horny for my hubby, I bit of one of his balls last night."

The doctor puts his arm around the sobbing woman. "Don't you worry. One testicle can't have more than 60 calories."


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